4th of Julyin

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Hey all! Happy 4th of July...or in other words, Happy Birthday Amurrica! 

So first things first. Yes, my site is different (and undergoing a bit of maintenance, as you can probably see). I decided to treat myself to a little mini blog makeover & revamp as an early birthday gift to myself! I have to say, it was long overdue; but I love it! It's a good change for now.

Second thing; yes, my hair is also different. All the changes! I am officially blonde(ish) now (so if I make a post where I have dark hair, I'm just using older pictures...cut me some slack!). I was craving a change and thought...what the hell. Why not? I've never really been a "natural" looking blonde before, and blondes are supposed to have more fun right?! I certainly hope so. I could sure use some more fun. We all could! That's where this dumb post comes in!

I thought it might be fun to take some silly patriotic pics with props and everything. And guess what...it was! This is probably one of the fastest shoots that Daniel and I have ever done, and it was definitely one of the most fun. That blonde must be kicking in already...amazing! I especially love my "faux-naked" pics behind the flag. You should've seen people's faces while we were taking them! Entertaining to say the least. ;)

Anyone have any big plans for their fourth? BBQ? Fireworks? Watching "Independence Day" on Independence Day (haha)? I'd love to hear!



  1. Cutest thing ever, love it. You look super sweet, following right now <3




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