New Year's Eve Classic

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dress/HM (similar), shoes/TjMaxx (similar), clutch/ASOS (similar), watch/F21

Guys, I had an epiphany the other day as I was in the dressing room, trying on a full fledged gold sequin dress. I don't look that good in sequins. They make me look weighty. And in fact, I'm willing to bet that most women who are over the age of...hmm, say 14 - and weigh more than 90 pounds would agree that they aren't exactly the most flattering thing.

Now, while I can FULLY appreciate some sequined glam in my life, I'm just deciding to play it cool this year for New Year's Eve. Instead of going all out for a piece that I can really only wear a few times at most, I decided to keep it classic. I found this simple sheath dress from H&M and knew that it would look great paired with a few metallic details. Timeless, sophisticated, and sexy, this look is one that I'll be repeating all throughout the year.

How about you guys? Going all out in sparkles this year, or keeping it classic for New Year's Eve? I'd love to hear!

xo, grace - @thegracemattei

Winter Wish List

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With Christmas only a week away at this point (!!!), I decided to share a couple of things that were on my wish list this year. While I know that the saying goes "tis' better to give than to receive," we all know that it's still pretttttty fun to receive...#amiright. So that being said, here's hoping I get a couple of the things on my wishlist this year! I'm currently into chunky knits and cozy sweaters, leather clutches, and lotssss of minimalist rose gold jewelry. Also, I'm loving a good dark lip lately. Can you tell?

Now I know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be great times to buy all your holidays gifts (and stock up on a few goodies for yourself, right?), but another great way that I recently discovered to save some extra cash during the holidays (or anytime really) is What's awesome about them is that you can buy giftcards to tons of awesome stores and a discounted rate! It's basically like getting extra cash in your pocket for no reason, and who doesn't love that. Plus, the best thing about it? If you get a giftcard for somewhere you don't like this Christmas, you can sell it to Raise for cash! Goodbye unwanted giftcard, it's time to #treatyoself.

I know personally that I've definitely wished that I could get discounts on gift cards before, so this is pretty much like a dream come true for me. I for one wouldn't mind getting a few giftcards to Nordstrom or TJMaxx....hint hint mommmm.

What stores would you love to get a gift card for? What's your favorite item on the Winter wist list? I'd love to hear!

xo, grace - @thegracemattei

All Bundled Up, Nowhere to Go

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These were some of my favorite shots that we took in Denver. While we were there, I was given the only opportunity that I'll have all Winter long to actually bust out a legit coat (although, I am a baby when it comes to the cold). This one in particular was a beautiful wool DKNY coat that my friend let me borrow just for the chilly occasion...lucky me. :)

The architecture in Denver was truly beautiful; there are so many state and capital buildings that it's almost like the Washington DC of the west coast. It was so interesting to me, because there really is nothing like that in Phoenix; there certainly is no shortage of beautiful architecture in Denver, which makes for great blog pictures.

I'm really excited for the month of December bc it's finally starting to get chilly and feel like the holidays. My classes are almost over (!!!), which means I'll have more time to devote to blogging, and I've officially almost finished all of my Christmas shopping. Now if only I could come up with a list of my own...any suggestions on what I should ask for?

What's on your Christmas list this year? I'd love to hear!

xo, grace - @thegracemattei

Overcoat/borrowed! (similar), tote/Madewell, boots/Aldo (similar), shirt/Anthro (similar)

First Snow

When Daniel and I went to Denver a few weeks ago it snowed!! Being from Jersey (and him being from Vermont), we both grew up with snow every Winter, but haven't seen it in a few years due to living in FL & AZ. This was our first snow of the year. It was so magical to be able to experience it again...and then of course be able to get on a plane and not have to worry about shoveling (#amiright). 

Anyway, it was beautiful...and SO cold. Literally, about a 70 degree difference from what the weather was in Arizona. That being said, I ordered like 80 coats in preparation of the trip over a month ago, but as I currently write this post they STILL haven't shipped (UGH)-so I ended up buying this jacket last minute at Forever 21...and it's surprisingly warm, for a super great price. Couldn't pass it up!

In other news, Black Friday/Cyber Monday?! Has anyone scored any sweet deals (like my jacket)? Leave a comment and let me know!

xo, grace - @thegracemattei

coat/F21, shirt/Nordstrom Rack (similar), sweater+pants/TJMaxx (similar here+here), shoes/Steve Madden (similar), bag/Madewell

Flannel & Fog

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hat/Target (similar), flannel/H&M, pants/TJMaxx (similar), vest/TJMaxx (similar), shoes/Steve Madden (similar)

This is the second round of photos that we got from our drive up to Flagstaff a few weeks ago. I think that these are actually my favorite pictures that we've taken for my blog so far - I love how the dust from the passing cars added a whole new element of depth and dimension to them, and the moody overall feel. I'm also in love with the gorgeous landscape of tall evergreens that we NEVER get to see in hotass Phoenix! We're currently in Denver, and I hope that we end up getting some good photos to share with you from here too...the scenery is amazing (but it is downright FREEZING)! And as you can probably guess, I am basically living in my flannels...especially this one I'm wearing in these pics. Also these tailored sweats. I feel like they are the greatest trend-so easy to dress up OR down! I'm obsessed; for real a wardrobe staple.

Alright folksies, that's all for now. Can we just talk about how Thanksgiving is SO close?! What's your favorite dish that you're looking forward to?! #turkeytime #TD4W

xo, grace - @thegracemattei

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Autumn Stripes

A couple weeks ago Daniel and I took a much needed mini roadtrip into the mountains of Flagstaff to chase Fall and find some cooler weather. I've never really been one for the cold, but having lived in perpetually hot places for the past 6 years I'm starting to get a little antsy for a legitimate reason to wear one of my 400 sweaters. Even though we were there for less than 24 hours, the brisk weather was entirely rejuvenating, and I'm desperate for more of it! Thankfully we're taking another mini trip up to Denver in a few weeks-any suggestions on places to visit while we're there? I'd love to hear!

Also, I'm totally diggin stripes lately (can you tell?!). What's been your Fall go-to?

xo, grace - @thegracemattei

P.S. - I totally felt like John Mayer while taking these pictures. #thuglife

hat/similar, shirt/similar, jeans/UO, booties/similar, sweater/similar

Everyday Jumpsuit

I love the crap out of this black jumpsuit (another TJ Maxx steal obviii, so dang cheap!), because it's a perfect staple and with the right pieces it can look great for almost any season. However, with the days getting shorter and there being less and less light when I get out of work (WAH, when do you all find time to take pictures now?!), I threw this ensemble together for some quick pics and then later realized that I would literally never wear this outfit. Huh. Something about the combination...just so not me. Butttt hey-we're all entitled to our off days right? Speaking of, it's Monday. Cheers to a new week, guys.

xo, grace - @thegracemattei

P.S. - I've missed you all! What's been happening? How would you style this jumpsuit? Find a similar one here.