8 Rules to Live (But Mostly Shop) By


Ever since I started this blog I feel like I've been undergoing a style transformation. Anyone else?

Allow me to explain. I would tend to say that in most cases, usually reading blogs and writing one tend to go hand in hand. That being said, in this past year or so, I've been exposed to a lot of different "style viewpoints" from various bloggers. And while I've always been a "buy whatever the hell I like" kinda gal, since starting this blog I've felt a lot of pressure to pinpoint "my style." My signature style, if you will. And you know what? That kind of sucks.DSC_4600.jpg DSC_4660.jpg
I mean, what I've always loved about fashion is the ability to be expressive with it. Feeling preppy? Throw on some pearls. Feeling like a badass? Ripped jeans it is. Fashion has a fluidity to it that I've always loved - and appreciated, considering I go through as many mood transformations as I do style changes (don't worry, I'm not bipolar - just a girl haha!).DSC_4735.jpg DSC_4629.jpg
Anyway, I'll get to the point. While I think that having a signature style can be really cool, to me, it also seems stifling. I mean, what if you're a minimalist who one day sees a floral Ted Baker dress that you can't live without? Do you ignore your impulse for this kickass dress to stay true to "your style"? Or do you buy it because you love it and that should be all that matters? I would obviously vote for the latter of the two.
DSC_4740.jpg DSC_4684.jpg DSC_4667.jpg
So signature style be damned, when The Village Style contacted me a few weeks ago to guest post for them, I decided to write up a little set of 8 rules to live (but mostly shop) by for myself - and for anyone else who wants to adhere to them! These are just some simple things that I try to keep in mind whenever I go shopping, to make sure that I end up with things that I love, and not just some random purchase I won't even use because I was having a moment of being swayed by someone else's style.

So without further adieu...

8 Rules to Live (But Mostly Shop) By

1. If its not comfortable, you wont wear it. Period, the end. It doesn’t matter how hot those heels look…if they’re killing you after 5 minutes, then you’ll take them off before the end of the night and no one will be able to appreciate them on you anyway.

 2. Don’t be swayed by the label. Seriously, labels mean nothing. If it’s from the thrift store and you love it, then get it. If it’s couture and you love it, then get it (or save for it)…which brings me to number 3.

 3. Can you afford it? Style is always in vogue, but going into debt over it is never fashionable.

 4. Regardless of how much you may love it – does it look flattering on you? Don’t do yourself an injustice by wearing an unflattering piece. Let’s face it – some things were only meant for that 24 inch waist mannequin. Which brings us to number 5…

 5. Don’t be turned off by sizing. Ugh, so hard. I know. But really, who cares if you’re a size 2 in one store and a 10 in the other? If it fits your body well and looks good, then that’s all that matters. After all, size labels aren’t on the outside of your clothes.

 6. Are you settling for something similar or cheaper instead what you REALLY want? If so, wait and save up for the item that you’re obsessing over. Chances are, (if you’re anything like me) you’ll still be unsatisfied and end up buying it anyway! Then you’ll have spent money on two (or more!) items, when you could’ve just been happy with the original one…even if it meant paying a heftier price tag up front.

 7. If you’re unsure about an item, wait. If you find yourself thinking about it over the next few days, go back and get it. If not, congratulations – that’s money better spent elsewhere.

 8. Most importantly, buy what you LOVE. Don’t worry about whether or not it’s “you” or if anybody else likes it. You do YOU, and your style will never be more on point!

What rule do you relate most to? Do you have your own set of shopping rules? I'd love to hear!

xo, grace - @thegracemattei