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With Christmas only a week away at this point (!!!), I decided to share a couple of things that were on my wish list this year. While I know that the saying goes "tis' better to give than to receive," we all know that it's still pretttttty fun to receive...#amiright. So that being said, here's hoping I get a couple of the things on my wishlist this year! I'm currently into chunky knits and cozy sweaters, leather clutches, and lotssss of minimalist rose gold jewelry. Also, I'm loving a good dark lip lately. Can you tell?

Now I know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be great times to buy all your holidays gifts (and stock up on a few goodies for yourself, right?), but another great way that I recently discovered to save some extra cash during the holidays (or anytime really) is What's awesome about them is that you can buy giftcards to tons of awesome stores and a discounted rate! It's basically like getting extra cash in your pocket for no reason, and who doesn't love that. Plus, the best thing about it? If you get a giftcard for somewhere you don't like this Christmas, you can sell it to Raise for cash! Goodbye unwanted giftcard, it's time to #treatyoself.

I know personally that I've definitely wished that I could get discounts on gift cards before, so this is pretty much like a dream come true for me. I for one wouldn't mind getting a few giftcards to Nordstrom or TJMaxx....hint hint mommmm.

What stores would you love to get a gift card for? What's your favorite item on the Winter wist list? I'd love to hear!

xo, grace - @thegracemattei

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  1. I love all of these pieces, especially the lipstick and grey turtleneck jumper! The Raise website sounds like a great idea too!
    Emma xo // Wallflower Wardrobe


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