Everyday Jumpsuit

I love the crap out of this black jumpsuit (another TJ Maxx steal obviii, so dang cheap!), because it's a perfect staple and with the right pieces it can look great for almost any season. However, with the days getting shorter and there being less and less light when I get out of work (WAH, when do you all find time to take pictures now?!), I threw this ensemble together for some quick pics and then later realized that I would literally never wear this outfit. Huh. Something about the combination...just so not me. Butttt hey-we're all entitled to our off days right? Speaking of, it's Monday. Cheers to a new week, guys.

xo, grace - @thegracemattei

P.S. - I've missed you all! What's been happening? How would you style this jumpsuit? Find a similar one here.


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