24 Things to Do (at 24)

DSC_7230.jpgDSC_7155.jpgDSC_7119.jpgDSC_7107.jpgDSC_7185.jpgDSC_7081.jpgDSC_7065.jpgDSC_7106.jpgDSC_7103.jpgDSC_7246.jpg Remember that relatively vague and stupid article someone wrote a while ago about 23 things to do instead of getting engaged at 23? I would normally just link to it, but I don't want to give it any more undeserving attention than it already got (mostly because it was generally really stupid and full of obviously embittered "woe is me, I'm single" angst-y 'advice', but also because I was engaged at 21 and married by 22, so...there's always that. But hey, I guess I didn't get engaged at 23 did I now? #winning).

Anyway, I'm sure you remember it, because it went viral and sprung all of these quasi-relevant but equally stupid rebuttal articles like "23 things to do when you're married at 23," or "why my 23 married things are better than your pathetic single life 23 things" (okay, I might be slightly exaggerating on that one).

That being said, as you all (or at least those who read the post about it) know, I just turned 24 a little over a week ago, and therefore decided to construct a little list of my own. However, mine is completely independent of relationship status, and merely consists of 24 things (I would like) to do at the ripe old age of 24. This isn't necessarily a list of advice that I am giving to all 24 year olds to do at 24, but what I WOULD advise is to make your own list for yourself! Regardless of age, it's always good to map out some things, serious or not, that you would like to accomplish during your current year. Try it! That being said, here goes my own...feel free to heed my advice at your own risk.

24 Things to Do at 24

1. Watch Dirty Dancing for the first time  DONE, just the other day in fact. See my reaction to Patrick Swayze's glistening back muscles HERE. #zomg
2. Write down career goals.
3. Take a graphic design class.
4. Fill your apartment with more art. (Etsy, hello.)
5. Express gratitude more often.
6. Get more sleep.
7. Roadtrip to San Fran, Portland and Seattle.
8. Try something new.
9. Get a 4th tattoo.
10. Make a five year plan (it's okay if you don't stick to it).
11. Learn all of the words to "Fancy" by Iggy Azalea...and then rap your ASS off every time it comes on in the car.
12. Stop comparing yourself to other people.
13. Try going Paleo for a week. Who knows, you might like it!  (Already did that, and I hated it. So I'm adding something new in it's place). Write a song, and play it in public.
14. Visit at least ONE out of state friend this year.
15. Apologize more.
16. Stop doing things that need apologizing for.
17. Get a custom blog design (and domain!).
18. Surprise a friend with a gift, just because.
19. Pick an exercise regimen, and stick to it for at least a month.
20. Fully master a yoga headstand (or handstand, if we're going for the gold here!).
21. Go camping for the first time.
22. Try a new hair color. If you hate it, change it back. (I kind of did this with the blonde...but I think I should go more drastic).
23. Go a whole month without buying anything you don't absolutely need.
24. Stop caring what other people think. And love them anyway.

Well guys, there you have it. My list of 24 things to do at 24. Hold me to it! How about all of you...it's your turn to make a list. Are you up to the challenge?



  1. I still haven't gone a whole month without buying crap I don't need but you inspired me. Adorable pics!
    Marie @ In Our Happy Place

    1. Thanks Marie! You're so sweet. Girl, I don't think I've even gone a full WEEK without buying something I don't need...hence why it's on the list of things to do haha. You're not alone...we can do it!!

  2. Awe this is lovely! What a cute idea!!


  3. I think it is wonderful that you created a list. You are dressed so cute here. What a fun photo shoot this must have been.


    1. Thanks Sharon! It was a lot of fun...but the balloons kept blowing all over the place, which made it a little challenging too haha. You should make a list for yourself as well!

  4. Pretty lady in yellow with even brighter ideas! Stick to it girlfriend!
    Check out my blog-

    1. Thanks sweets! Keep pluggin away at yours as well!! :) xo

  5. love your skirt:) great list for things to do!!
    If you want to follow each other on GFC let me know!


    1. Thanks love! The skirt is one of my favorites. Just followed on GFC! xo

  6. I guess my list is much longer, omg I need to do way more things ;) xo

    1. Haha! You're funny. That's okay! It just means you get to have more fun too. :) xo

  7. Cute skirt! Just followed your blog and Happy 24th! :)


    1. Thanks sweets! You are the greatest!! xo

  8. This is so lovely! Happy birthday! I love the idea of road trip to San fran Seattle and Portland!!


    1. Thanks love! Ahhhhh I know right?! I'm drooling over the idea of that trip. I've gotta do it! xo

  9. Such cute photos! You can definitely rock a crop-top!!

    1. Thanks sweets! This shirt is one of my faves, and it was like 5 bucks. Those are always the best finds! xo

  10. Love the list and already took a screen shot for reference purposes. #17 us at the top of my list. I need help so bad.


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