NYE and What I Wore...

...a month later. OKAY, so this is probably the most horrifically late post of it's time, but on New Year's DAY my computer literally died and I had to wait like 400 years to get a new one...so no judgments! Anyway, so here I am, hailing from a much newer, speedier, and updated MacBook Pro...praise!

That being said, let's get straight to the point! Here are some very belated photos of my New Year's Eve outfit:


NYE 3 pic storyboard


Now, in my ideal world, a NYE outfit will always call for some sort of "not your everyday" embellishment, but in this instance I opted away from the more commonly used sequin and went for the almighty feather. I absolutely LOVE feathers, whether they are on my earrings or my dress, it doesn't much matter. Plus I have a little bit of shimmer going on in the top of my dress, so I guess I went full circle with the NYE festivity. Albeit, I may have gone just a liiittle bit overboard with the use of the fur jacket, but I had just gotten it for Christmas and was DYING to wear it/use it in a blog post! I don't think that I served it enough justice with this outfit, so it will have to make another cameo relatively soon, before our 70 degree Phoenix "winter" is snuffed out by 3 digit temperatures. 

2 pic storyboard #2

Yes, I know my nail polish is chipped and ghetto...what can I say, I'm pretty sure this comes up as one of my New Year's resolutions EVERY year, to paint/maintain/have my nails done and keep them looking feminine. However, I usually just end up embracing the fact that I have little boy nails and either neglect them altogether, or simply paint them and then forget about it. Somebody help me!

2 pic storyboard


Daniel and I actually kept it pretty low key this year, because I think more than anything we were thankful to have actually just SURVIVED 2013. So many good things have happened, but it has been a year that has brought forth lots of change, to say the least. In this past year alone we: got married, got our first apartment, moved out of said apartment to a new city 2,500 miles away, left behind all of our friends, and started new jobs (to name a few of the big things). Despite this year being tough, I am confident that our hard work is going to pay off in the long run, and that things will stop being so chaotic and quarter-life-crisis(ish). In fact, 2014 is already off to a pretty good start; I actually just started a new job which I am really excited about, and excited to share with you all - but more on that later. Until then, I am thankful for a fresh start, and Happy (belated) New Years!

Since I'm a month late, I won't bother asking about New Year's resolutions, but I will ask: has anyone KEPT any of their resolutions so far? I'd love to hear! 


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