Parisian Chic

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dress/Zara (similar), boots/Aldo (similar - on sale!), tote/Madewell, necklace/Etsy, jacket/TjMaxx (similar)

Sorry for the image overload on this post, but these are some of my favorite pics that Schmoo and I have taken so far. That, and I'm just a little *obsessed* with this fantastic Parisian inspired dress I recently picked up at Zara. Seriously, I feel like I belong in France when I wear it. I probably bought way more than I should have at Zara's semi-annual sale, but I justified it by buying only staple pieces that you can wear the crap out of (except for this necklace, which reminds me of candy and was too good to pass up.). Speaking of, you'll probably be seeing this dress a lot more get ready. ;)

What staple pieces do you have in your closet?

xo, grace - @thegracemattei

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  1. This dress is very beautiful, i dont blame you for the near picture overload(lol). The pictures are beautiful.


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