Cotton Candy Colored

Outfit details: Sweater/Francesca's (similar), Boyfriend Jeans/DailyLook, Shoes/Ivanka Trump, Bag/KS (similar)

So it seems that recently, however intentionally or unintentionally, I fell off the blogging map a bit. At first it started out with a last minute acting stint in my husband's short film for a competition that left me a bit too busy and unable to post, but after that I just started to fall behind and lose motivation for no particular reason. You know how it goes. I won't go into specific details, but these last few weeks have been a bit (OKAY, way more than a bit) trying; a lot of change is happening all around me, and like it or not, I'm just trying to acclimate and figure stuff out as best I can.

That being said, enjoy my cotton candy colored outfit (and sky!). Oh, and these were obviously taken a little while ago-anyone who knows anything about Phoenix knows that it is currently about 4 degrees shy of hell, and I wouldn't be caught dead in a sweater and jeans at this point. I'm about ready to join a nudist colony for the Summer months to catch some relief from this heat (though I suppose that could put a damper on the outfit posts).

OH, and speaking of Summer, it is now June. Is anyone else panicking about that?! WHERE is this year going? Tell me, please, because I for one am certain that Y2K just happened like a day ago. Right?



  1. The sweater is so pretty. I like both the color and structure of it. The shoes are so charming. I love a print shoe. Great look.


    1. Thanks Sharon! I'm a big fan of printed pumps too! :)

  2. your outfit is so adorable!! love your style :)

    1. Thanks Lauren! Right back at ya...your blog (and pinterest) is always one of my favorite stops!! :) xoxo


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