Friday Faves: Coachella Edition



Happy Friday, friends! Since so many of you are jetting off to Coachella this weekend, I figured that I would make a few inspired posts since I'm unfortunately unable to be there myself (even though I'm only a mere 3 hours away!!).

Obviously I had to share some of my Coachella inspired outfit faves...those moccasins are seriously to die for. If I was going I would hope that I would be donning at least a couple of the items on my list...but then again who needs excuses like music festivals to buy things? Certainly not me. ;)

Coachella by thegracemattei on Grooveshark

I also made a little Coachella inspired playlist to share with you all on Spotify Grooveshark (had a few compaints that the Spotify playlist wasn't working! :/ )...after all, for those of you who are driving, good road trip music will set the tone for the whole weekend! I picked some of my favorites from some artists who are actually in the lineup, and then threw in a few goodies of my own. ;) I'll probably be adding some more music to it over the next couple weeks of the festival, so if you want to follow along just search "Grace Mattei" on Spotify and follow my Coachella playlist! {UPDATE: Even though the playlist now embedded on this page is hosted by Grooveshark, you should still be able to follow my playlist on Spotify. Happy listening!}

Hope you all had a fantastic week...are there any you out there who are actually going to Coachella? If so, who are you most excited to see? Any essential outfit pieces that you picked up before you headed out? I'd love to hear...maybe next year I'll be there with you all!


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